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Newish to Tumblr, insanely dedicated CarsonxHughes shipper, believes middle aged love is intensely interesting

…an early hours house fire is inevitably used to expose who has tiptoed into the wrong bedroom.


Oh my gosh!! Wouldn’t it be fabulous if it was Carson and Mrs. Hughes?!?? Hahaha. Best scene ever!! :) xoxo

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Best romance reveal ever.

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Oh dear lord please please please

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On This Day In Chelsie Fanfic History...


So, I don’t know about you my friends, but as a relatively new Chelsie reader/author I love digging through the archives of Chelsie fanfiction and reading older stories…. BUT I often feel really awkward about posting a review on a story that may very well be a few years old. I’ve talked to a few…

What a fantastic idea! I love it. Can’t wait to read or re-read, as the case may be…

chelsie fanfics



Hi there! Well, i do want to spend next 2 days just reading and drinking tea and i am searching for some good chelsie fics .
So guys what are your top 10 chelsie stories ?

Try these two.

The Carsons


Two of the best Charles/Elsie fics ever. IMO

Anything by Evitamockingbird and Chelsie Dagger also. And Kouw!!! Too many great fics to mention!


Downton Abbey, Series One, Episode 2

oh my shipper heart


Downton Abbey is the worst Chelsie fanfiction ever.

Probably my favorite post ever.


Somewhere in the world right now there may possibly be a film containing the wedding of Charles Carson and Elsie Hughes and I can’t tell you how happy that makes me.




ITV drama Downton Abbey came to St Mary’s Church yesterday.

Cast and crew of the international hit series were in the churchyard to shoot scenes between 8am and 10am.

The Rev Jan Fielden said the crew had been filming a scene for the Christmas special, featuring butler Charles Carson (Jim Carter) and housekeeper Elsie Hughes (Phyllis Logan). She said: “We met the actors. They were lovely.”

Source: (X) -The Oxford Times 22 July 2014

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