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Newish to Tumblr, insanely dedicated CarsonxHughes shipper, believes middle aged love is intensely interesting

"We talk about [Hughes] and Carson as the Greek chorus of the show," said executive producer Gareth Neame. "They seem to always be the ones that comment on every story that is going on there. They are somewhere involved in it."

As for romances, Logan was non-committal.

"I suppose I was surprised [when people first started asking about it] and now when people implant things in your head, evey line you say to each other, you think, should I color this with a sort of longing look?" she said. "I don’t, obviously, but there’s an element of, I wonder if [writer] Julian [Fellowes] will take this in a different tact. We don’t know so we have to just play each scene as we are given it, how it’s written, without any implied extra spin."


Remember that time that Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes held hands. Yeah, that was nice. You know, in a life-ruining kinda way.


Carson / Hughes - Remember Me - Vimeo


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SONG: Remember Me - Thomas Bergersen

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gone from the feels

And you were fond of her?

And then there was this heartbreaking look. 

And you were fond of her?

And then there was this heartbreaking look. 

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'We're getting on Mr Carson you and I.’